Thursday, April 10, 2014

Life is Messy!

I haven't updated my posts in a while. I know.  My blog is starving.

I spent the last part of last year getting ready for my first craft fair for Stagebunny's Cabinet of Wonders, my jewelry business.  It was spectacular!  The event was the Sustainable Midlands Holiday Celebration, which featured local artists and restaurants.  Everybody was so nice and supportive of my freshman effort.  I can't wait for the next one!  However, it did take a lot of time away from my blogging, marketing, and just all around anything-ing.
Me behind my booth!
Another thing that has kept me off the blog is the death of BOTH of the laptops in the household.  Thankfully, we have an ipad which was handed down to us by a family member, but if you've ever tried to use this site with an ipad, you know why it's not conducive to frequent blogging. I have a feeling the public library will be seeing my blogging self more often until a better solution is found.
Hints about summer colorways!
On the yarn front, I will be ordering new sock yarn bases for my summer line!  I am so excited to finally be able to purchase a consistent base for my hand-dyed yarn.  It's a step closer to my vision of a well-stocked and professional shop.  I'll have several coordinating colorways and they can be dyed to order.  I'm starting out with sock yarn because I know so many of you are as passionate about sock knitting as I am, but soon I'll be adding worsted, and I'll keep going from there!  If you have a favorite weight of yarn, please tell me in the comments page.  I'd love the feedback!

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