Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dreaming in Color

Color.  It speaks to me more than shape or function.  I will take a turquoise refrigerator over a more practical white or stainless steel.  I want a Prius more because I love that pale dragonfly green color than the fuel efficiency.  I loathe white walls (unless, of course, they are used to set off colorful room furnishings).  I love modern art of  the styles that include arresting shades and hues, transmitting messages on a level more basic that pictures or words.  I will never have one of hose sophisticated urban wardrobes I always admire from afar because limiting my color to "pops" and accessories just never pans out by the time I leave the shop.

Pantone loves to make a suggestion....
Enter Pantone.  I had always associated Pantone with paint chips and website design, somehow confusing it with hex code.  Never ever did I suspect that it is one of the coolest, most exciting entities out there.  My first clue came about six months ago when I was browsing in a local gourmet shop and came across a simple mug sporting a beautiful shade of pink identified as No. 7432.  Now, I know I am not exactly the most up-to-date on what's going on in the Weberverse, and  have since discovered that Pantone products, everything from journals and iPhone cases to cufflinks and keyrings have been around for years.  A Pantone cosmetic line is available at Sephora.  And, proving they not only define what a color is, but how it influences what we will be seeing in magazines and on runways, Pantone announces a Color of the Year (this year is Emerald and one of my most favorite shades of green).

So, now that I have found Pantone to be stalk-worthy, what's a yarn-dyer to do?  Well, besides making a pledge to buy up every color of mug and nail polish Pantone puts out, I will try to perfect this most amazing shade of green before 2014's color is announced.  As a color junkie, I consider it my duty.  Also, I will be seeking artistic inspiration from some of the delicious new color combinations being designed willy-nilly out there in the world.  But for the here and now, in honor of color No. 17-5641, I will share a few of my favorite Emerald-graced from Etsy.  Enjoy!
I fell in love with this clutch from Lost in Time, Inc. 
Clever cards and invitations by Wendy Sue Paperie.
I can't not include this beautiful yarn by Zibeline Knits.
Mrs. Robinson's Affair used one of my favorite stones in these earrings.
This little nymph from KooKooCraft is just so freakin' cute!


  1. Thank you for reminding me of Pantone's website! I love your Etsy shop too!

    1. Hi! Sorry this is so late! I was at Lowe's the other day and saw they have small jars of the color of the year available. I almost got one. Thank you so much for the comment!